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Altar cloth Pentagram of the Elements


  • Canvas size: 70×70 cm
  • Material: artificial cashmere
  • Color: black, gold
  • Handmade work

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The altar cloth Pentagram of the Elements is designed for spiritual work. It can be used as an altar cloth for Runes and Tarot work. The altar cloth is made of soft cashmere and decorated with hand-embroidered Pentagram and the Elements’ signs. The fabric does not deform in active work with Tarot cards or Runes. Hand-sewn and embroidered with love and care.

The Pentagram is one of the important magical symbols in many spiritual traditions. In contrast to the Hexagram, which symbolizes the Macrocosm, the Pentagram represents the Microcosm. It is the most ancient symbol of the four Elements’ unity under the Spirit.

The Pentagram was well known as a “good” protecting symbol against evil. For the initiates, it was also a vital sign of power over the physical world. According to the Western esoteric tradition, at the beginning of his training, the Magician had to comprehend the mystery of the Pentagram and master its ritual. The Pentagram’s symbolism of the four elements connected by the Spirit identifies it with the Microcosm – spiritual work on the material level. There is a correspondence between the human body and the five elements:
The will is earth.
The heart is water.
The mind is air.
The soul is fire.
The Spirit is ether.
Thus, with his will, intelligence, heart, soul, and Spirit, a person is connected with the five elements working in space and can consciously work in harmony with them.

In addition, the Pentagram is a symbol of the divine nature of a person. The human being has five virtues and manifests them: love, wisdom, truth, justice, and kindness. These are the virtues of Christ, which the Pentagram can represent. The Scripture says God created a human being in his image and likeness. Therefore, a person – the “small world” – has elements and matter that exist in the “big world”: God’s qualities and virtues.

Altar cloth with Pentagram will be an excellent gift for seekers of spirituality and will decorate your altar. The altar cloths are made in limited quantities.

Just so you know, the fabric hue may slightly differ from the photo due to different color reproduction by electronic devices.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 4 cm

Black, Gold

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