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  • Size: 20×40 cm
  • Material: canvas on stretcher, acrylic paints, acrylic markers
  • Purpose: to reveal femininity in the motherhood aspect

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The Demeter and Persephone painting was created by a master in the proper energy flow. The painting depicts a combination of the goddesses Demeter and Persephone, usually expressed in a pair. Demeter is a symbol of motherhood in the broadest sense of the word. Her name translates as “Mother Earth.” She was the goddess of fertility, agriculture, and marriage in ancient Greece. Persephone symbolizes youth, spring, immortality, and the ability to transform constantly. Just like her mother, Demeter, Persephone is the goddess of fertility, and as the wife of the underworld god Hades, she is the owner of underground treasures. The painting Demeter-Persephone will allow you to reveal different aspects of femininity and harmonize various parts of the female character. The image will be a wonderful gift and bring harmony to your space.

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