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Kenaz Rune


  • Height 18 mm
  • Weight: 0.4 g
  • Material: 925 sterling silver

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The Kenaz rune (Ken, Kano, Kaun) is a rune of opening consciousness and renewed clarity, the purpose of which is to dispel darkness. In its meaning, this rune symbolizes the beginning of an active period, a clearer intention, seriousness, and concentration, which are necessary when activating any effort. This rune speaks of the power of decisive forward movement. It can be used to know the root causes of what is happening, hidden and not manifested.

Kenaz is the energy of openness, creativity, love, and sincere feeling. A very powerful rune enhances receptivity, sharpens feelings, gives self-confidence, and improves physical health.

Kenaz is the inner fire of self-transformation, the light of insight, inner guidance, and the power that ignites enthusiasm and illuminates the path. The power of analysis gives clarity of thought and analytical abilities. It shapes the character and regulates human activity, as well as makes it possible to achieve success. For magicians, the Kenaz rune is indispensable in love magic and as a symbol that strengthens or weakens any magical rite to the proper extent.

A talisman with the image of the Kenaz rune will become the principal assistant to someone who has lost their bearings in work. The rune gives the power of passion. Kenaz gives clarity and increases the power of desires. In addition, it alleviates anger and negative impulses.

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