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The Fox Totem Painting


  • Dimensions: 60×40 cm
  • Material: canvas, acrylic paints, contour paints
  • Purpose: to establish a connection with the totem

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The Fox Totem Painting is created by a master practitioner in the proper energy flow. Foxes are one of the most favorite animals of the Slavs. They were revered for their wit and boundless curiosity in exploring the new and unknown. The bright color of the fox symbolizes passion and self-expression. For their red color, they are compared to fire. As a totemic animal, the fox was revered by almost all the world’s peoples. As a totem, the fox conveys that one should act “behind the scenes,” unnoticed, influencing the environment and not taking on an active leadership role. The emergence of this totem marks a period when it is worth breaking out of the usual social conditions and expressing yourself to the maximum. The best way is to trust your senses – to listen and hear, look and notice, perceive and feel – so that they can guide you. The Fox Totem Picture is useful when you are faced with an unsolvable problem, where the usual methods of active action do not work when you are in a situation where you need the speed of thinking and reaction, diplomacy skills, tact, and wisdom.

Since ancient times, foxes have been associated with magic and cunning. And since foxes are psychopomps (guides) to the world of the unconscious and mystical, the Fox Totem Painting will also help you develop your psychic and magical abilities.

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