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The pouch for Runes and Tarot Valknut


Pouch size: 21×14 cm

Material: cotton


In stock


The pouch with a Valknut are designed for spiritual practice.

Valknut is a Scandinavian religious symbol of Odin and related magic; a symbol of the worlds of the Yggdrasil Tree: Asgard (upper world), Midgard (middle world), and Helheim (lower world). It symbolizes the connectedness of the nine worlds, a symbol of transition, which is subject to Odin. Valknut is a symbol of the triple nature of the Gods: Odin-Wili-We, Odin-Henir-Lodur, Odin-Heimdall-Loki; a symbol of the unity of the past, present and future; body, spirit, and soul; unity, transformation, transition; the key to understanding the triple.

The pouch with drawstring is the best way for safely storing and beautiful protection your precious Tarot cards. This product is handmade of a pleasant fabric with an elegant design.
It will become a wonderful cozy home for your favorite Runes or Tarot cards. The pouch can also be used to store jewelry, talismans and other magical attributes.

Please pay attention that fabric shade may differ slightly from the photo due to the different color transfer by electronic devices.

More pouches for Runes and Tarot you can find at the link.

Choose Runes or Tarot.

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Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 0.5 cm

Gold, Red

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