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Jasper rune set


  • Complete set: 25 runes in a pouch
  • The dimension of the runes is about 2.5 cm
  • Material: natural jasper
  • Method of drawing runes: engraving and silver paint
  • Manufacturer: “Dryade”
  • Weight: about 200 g

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Classic Futhark rune set is made of natural black jasper. The set consists of 24 Anglo-Saxon Futhark runes and Odin’s rune (Wyrd). Natural stone runes are much more potent in their energy and can create a protective aura around the owner.

Since ancient times jasper has been widely used as an amulet to protect against negative energies. The mineral of any shade can bring peace, harmony, and mutual understanding to the home and family. Even in ancient Greece and Rome, people wore jasper talismans to protect themselves from evil eyes and spoilage and improve health. In the Orient, jasper symbolized beauty and wealth. One of the main jasper’s magical properties is enhancing concentration and intuitive perception. The mineral reveals the gift of prediction. Therefore, jasper runes will be an excellent tool for foresight.

Elemental correspondence: Air, Earth. Zodiacal correspondence: Virgo. Planetary correspondence: Mercury, Jupiter.

The jasper rune set is handmade by the runologist of the “Dryade” center. Please note that the photo of the product is just one of the examples and may vary slightly in size and color of the stones, as each set is handmade from stones with the preservation of the natural shape.

More rune sets can be found here.

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Additional information

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 cm

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