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Serpentine runes


  • Complete set: 25 runes in a pouch
  • The dimension of the runes is about 2.5 cm
  • Material: natural serpentine
  • Method of drawing runes: engraving and gold paint
  • Manufacturer: “Dryade”
  • Weight: about 150 g

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Хочете отримати сповіщення, коли цей продукт знову буде в наявності?


The wisdom of the runes is a gift from the Earth, and now these twenty-five ancient Scandinavian symbols are engraved on gorgeous serpentine. The Scandinavian natural serpentine runes consist of 24 Anglo-Saxon runes and an Odin rune (Wyrd). Natural stone runes are much more potent in their energy and create a protective aura around the owner.

Serpentine has long been considered a stone of temptation and sin. But at the same time, serpentine was a talisman against dangers. Healers and lithotherapists believe that serpentine, with its powerful influence, neutralizes aggressive flows of negative energies. The stone can neutralize a person’s negative emotions and various negative formations in the energy body of its owner. That is why ancient doctors often used serpentine to treat mental, neurological, and physical diseases, increased excitability, emotionality, and aggression. Since serpentine stone absorbs all the negativity directed at the owner and his own negative experiences, it is advisable to cleanse the mineral once a month with salt and water.

The stone inspires and supports in-person courage and confidence, calms the nerves, and gives a sense of security. Serpentine runes can protect the owner from problematic situations and safeguard them from ill-wishers’ intrigues. Serpentine instills in a person the ability to predict misfortune and bypass troubles before they occur. Serpentine emphasizes the necessary professional qualities, opens new opportunities, and strengthens the desire to achieve higher results. The serpentine rune set provokes the emergence of new ideas, fantasies, and creative outbursts.

The serpentine rune set will be an excellent assistant and patron for planning, implementing plans, achieving goals, and solving problems. The stone increases the ability to quality learning and allows hearing and assimilating an ample amount of new information. It develops logical, intuitive thinking, and analytical mind.

The serpentine rune set is handmade by the runologist of the “Dryade” center. Please note that the photo of the product is just one of the examples and may vary slightly in size and color of the stones, as each set is handmade from rocks with the preservation of the natural shape.

More rune sets can be found here.

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Weight 0.130 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 cm

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